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It’s happened. We’re here. This is it.

Both Isabella and Emilia are extremely supportive. I only wish I could feel as relaxed about the whole thing as all my kids!

I love to brag about local businesses that have served and supported the community in the sorts of ways that would make anybody proud.

The Cross of Christ 2010 was a daring challenging project and an exciting citywide event. We hoped and prayed for 1000 churched and unchurched people to attend from across the city, resulting in one of the biggest united Christian preaching events on Hobart’s calendar.

By God’s great kindness we saw the our prayers answered. Friday 17th December was a highlight of the year and our spines tingled as we saw the hundreds of people pour into the Odeon Theatre.

We really appreciate all the support we received, both from the Christian community, but also from local businesses as well.

Two hair raising examples are worth a mention: Both Fuji Xerox Hobart and Bargain Car Rentals supported us in with the sort of generosity that’s worth talking about.

1. One of our team went into hospital with his wife in labour the day before and couldn’t print our programs. Xerox came to the rescue with a 12 hr turn around on our printing. Special thanks to Michael Wilson!

2. When we bumped into the venue with 3 hrs before the start we came up against a shortage of 100 chairs. Bargain Cars came to the rescue with a 3 tonne truck within 1/2 hr so we could fix the problem. Special thanks to Jarrod Medwin!

We have learned a great deal in the whole process of organising this major event and hope that we will be able to use this new wisdom, not only in similar events in the coming years, but also in passing those skills and ideas to local churches in our network.

Nick and Suzie Mollison were married today. Congratulations guys!
Going to weddings always takes me back to where Cath and I started. We’ve been married for 9 years now, which has gone with breath taking speed.

With three kids now and umpteen other major life changes in the same time, it’s nice to be able to stand back now with the wisdom of history behind and know that no matter how dark the day can get, how high the mountains may seem, with God’s good hand of grace in our relationship, there is always light flooding our travel through this passage of time.

Like a party on the tongue, Villino Espresso was firing today. I don’t reckon what I tasted here from this cup can be matched anywhere in Hobart at the moment.

Very big on flavour, sweetness and fullness. Richard’s got Caleb running this place like a master!

There is a time for everything: a time for Villino and a time for Brew; a time for Island and a time for Roasters; a time for Oomph and a time for Kara.

But today is definitely the day of Villino.

A gift from my late Grandad to his great grandson Elijah, three generations down the tree:

Should I try preserve it as a keep-sake, or let him continue playing with it for memory’s sake?

The writing is already fading but with photos maybe the precious use in his early years will make this gift more long-lasting anyway?

What do to do, what to do?

And a big black anti-whaling trimaran.

Go Gojira, go!